Risk Sciences Group

Risk Sciences Group

Risk Sciences Group (RSG) provides risk management information solutions that deliver more simplicity, more accuracy and more power. A web-based suite of tools provides access to your data, user-friendly views of your claims and reports to help accomplish every task.  For more information, visit www.risksciencesgroup.com.

Services Include

  • Analytics 
  • Data Consolidation
  • RMIS


  • Customized claim fields, creating unique views into and analysis of your data 
  • A pure web application, highly intuitive and tailored to the exact needs of each customer 
  • Drill-down dashboards that give you both a quick overview of your program with the ability to see the details 
  • Ad hoc reporting used to create distinctive reports to your specifications with unlimited selection criteria


For more information, visit www.risksciencesgroup.com or contact us at: