Global Programs

Global clients increasingly seek consistency of claims service delivery, a positive local customer experience and central coordination of relationship and program management, irrespective of geography.  By leveraging Crawford's superior service delivery, market position and international distribution network, Crawford brings together its global businesses throughout more than 100 countries worldwide to facilitate a consistent, client-centric approach in all we do; driving a culture of global business awareness and coordinated operational responsiveness.

Crawford's gateway for multinationals, global insurers and brokers accesses the full range of our global services, skills and technology.  We provide a unique key account management approach to implement and manage your multinational claims program and align with your risk and insurance strategies. Learn more about services in your area.

We take a consultative approach to understand your business, objectives and needs and develop your program to support and protect your brand values and financial assets. Learn more about services in your area.

Crawford provides consistent, accurate and meaningful information to support your business decisions. Learn more about services in your area.