For Brokers

For Brokers

The Crawford SolutionSM is the most comprehensive, global, integrated solution for all corporate, insurer and re-insurer claims administration. We take a relationship-based approach to our work.

This means brokers can count on Crawford to create well-planned, custom solutions for their clients and to execute the plan consistently and effectively. We offer global solutions in three main areas: Claims Services, Business Process Outsourcing, and Consulting.

Claims Services

With the broadest array of services in the industry Crawford can administer virtually any claim function. From accident and health to large-scale complex property and liability losses to individual task assignments, we can configure the services exactly as our clients demand, anywhere and anytime. Our service offerings are unmatched in the industry and include:

Business Process Outsourcing

Crawford offers the most comprehensive claims outsourcing solutions in the industry. We can deliver Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) programs for all aspects of claims management from managed property repair to healthcare management to legal settlement. As competition increases, we believe more companies will seek the efficiencies of claims process outsourcing, trusting Crawford's proven expertise and experience to manage their complex claims. Our services include:


The need to harness industry experience and intellectual capital is critical in keeping companies competitive. More than 70 years of experience makes Crawford a powerful ally in the strategic assessment of services such as absence management, internal audits, and counter fraud, providing high-level analyses and value-added insights. Crawford can work through a comprehensive audit process and help design a streamlined and cost-effective solution to meet the varied needs of our clients. We are knowledgeable of the entire claims process and can put our experience and systems to work helping clients succeed in planning and meeting their goals and targets. Our services include: